Lead the crowd,
set the tone.

Earn when you refer friends!

What we do

trufyx brings quality phone repair to you wherever you are.
Home? office? gym? coffee shop? laundromat? We’ll be there. We simplify phone repair and make convenience the new norm.

About the program

When it comes to phone and tablet repair, most people ask their friends or search online "where can I fix my phone around here?"
Since you're the phone expert, for every friend you refer, you'll receive a $20 Amazon gift card for every repair booked using your personal discount code.


You earn money. Your friends get a discount. Both fo you will benefit from this program!

No limits

You can refer as many people as you'd like every month.
No limits or small letters.

Special events

Local invite-only closed events for ambassadors and brand influencers.

Milestone bonuses

Every referral counts!
Specific milestones get you extra bonuses.

Become a trufyx ambassador

  • Growing brand
  • 5-star on Google
  • Best side-hustle
  • Community impact

What does it take?

Not much, to be honest.

Once signed up, you’ll get your personal link in an email.

Share this link with friends, ask them to share it with their friends, post it on social media, the family chat (don’t overdo it! we want you to stay on that chat) – the decision is yours how to let people know about this new option.
The sky is the limit :)