mobile security

Fortunately, smartphone security is becoming increasingly important and you can take various measures to keep your smartphone from being hacked. The same steps that you take to protect your computer can also be used to protect your smartphone.

Have you ever connected to a public Wi-Fi network and wondered if someone out there can see your activity online? This is perfectly reasonable given the forces that are being used against your privacy. In this article, learn about VPN and how it could help.

Our phones nowadays hold every piece of digital information about our lives. From passwords and access to apps, to digital wallets, images of personal documents and more. Read our critical tips to protect your critical data, so even if your phone fails, your information is still safe and accessible someplace else.

Did you break your iPhone? Need a Phone Repair? Can’t decide whether to repair it at home or take it to a shop? You’re not alone.
Here’s a detailed overview of the pros and cons of hiring a pro VS going DIY.