How it works

The trufyx technician app is where everything happens – this is where you’ll sign up to become a technician with trufyx, and this is where once approved, you’ll be able to accept jobs and get paid, directly to your bank account!

Our app is free and available for Apple and Android users on AppStore and Google Play.

At trufyx, we offer a unique service of phone repair at the customers location – anywhere, anytime.
Our corporate program allows businesses to provide trufyx services as a perk, giving employees peace of mind and the ability to get their phone fixed without leaving the workplace.

Currently, our services are available within the 5 boroughs and Nassau County.

4.9 Star rating on Google

We keep our customers happy and our techs extra professional – this is what we’re all about.
By partnering up with trufyx, you’re sure to deliver a smooth experience to your employees and have their devices ready and professionally repaired in no time.

15% of trufyx jobs are from satisfied customers
20% of our jobs are from satisfied referrals

trufyx technician in action