My Galaxy Is Stuck On The Logo

Quick overview:

Unable to get past the logo on your Galaxy? It often happens with Samsung Galaxy users that their phone gets stuck on the logo. The phone may keep on restarting again and again, and may not get past the logo.

Now, this may chiefly happen due to two reasons:

  1. You may have rebooted your phone with insufficient charging. Before rebooting, make sure there is enough battery power otherwise the Galaxy may not turn on and get stuck on the logo.
  1. Another cause is the incomplete update. A poor connection between computer and phone freezes the phone leaving the update incomplete and corrupting the existing version of the Galaxy.

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Let’s fix this!

This issue can be rectified by following these troubleshooting tips.

Shutdown and Restart the device

Press the power button until the device turns off. If it doesn’t show any response then drain the battery. Once the battery has emptied, charge the device and restart it a few minutes later.

Pull out the SD Card

Another reason for the stuck Galaxy logo might be a virus-infected card. The corrupted files in the card may not allow the stable restart on your Galaxy device. Try pulling out the card and restarting the device to see if removing the card helps.

Safe Reboot

Shut down and restart your Galaxy. Keep holding the power button until the ‘Samsung’ logo appears. Instantly, release the power button and long-press the volume down button. Release the key when the safe mode shows up in the left corner at the bottom of the screen. Once in the safe mode, identify the third-party app if there is any. Uninstall it and all the recent apps. Restart your Galaxy device and see if the problem is fixed

Hard Reboot

If the above-mentioned procedure doesn’t work for you, hard reboot or forced restart is an effective alternative. Hold and press the power button along with the volume down button for 15 seconds or until the maintenance boot mode appears. Choose a normal boot to reset the device.

Boot to Recovery Mode

Once your Galaxy device is completely shut down. Press and hold the Bixby, power, and volume up keys simultaneously. Release the buttons when the recovery screen appears.
Delete all the cache and restart the device.

Perform Factory Reset

Consider performing a factory reset on your Galaxy device if none of the above methods works. Enter Recovery Mode by pressing the previously mentioned combination of keys. Select the factory reset option with the volume down key. Press down the power key to confirm the option. The device will automatically restart after performing the reset.

Contact the Service Center

If you are unable to fix this issue on your own, make a repair appointment at Samsung Service Center.

The above-mentioned tips are tested and reliable to fix this issue. To make sure that your Galaxy runs smoothly and doesn’t get stuck on the logo again, never interrupt the updating process. Stuck screens and boot loops can be avoided by downloading only applications from reliable sources like Google Play and the Galaxy play store.

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