How to find passwords on android

Quick overview:

Gone are the days of using the same exact password for all of your accounts for fear of forgetting it (or at least we hope you no longer do that. It’s a pretty bad practice)

Nowadays, there are numerous options for you to save your passwords so you never have to remember them again. And with the biometric locks on almost all smartphones, we sense that even password savers will disappear at some point in the future.

Google passwords on Chrome

Right now, Android is managing passwords on the Googler Chrome platform.
This is where you can find, edit, copy and manage your passwords on Android.

  1. Open the Chrome app and click the 3 dots at the top right.
    Then click “Settings”. 
  2. At the top, you’ll see the details of the main Google account you’re currently logged into. If this is not where you save your passwords, click on the account name (your email address at the top) and select the one with the saved passwords.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Passwords” to reveal the full list.
  4. You can search this list - look for a keyword in the website’s address. (example: search “Bob” to quickly locate the password of “”)
  5. Depending on your device setup, you might have to draw your password or use biometric confirmation to reveal the passwords you want to see/copy.

Samsung Pass / Other

Separately, you might see your Samsung/other manufacturer password saver pops here and there, mostly for passwords used in native apps.

If you’re looking where to find Samsung passwords, search your app list by sliding the home screen up. Search for the word “pass” or “password” and follow the instructions in your manufacturer’s app to reveal and manage the saved passwords.

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