My IPhone/IPad Is Stuck On The Logo

Quick overview:

Apple is increasing its market value every year by producing new gadgets, all with unique and latest features. That is why a person has to spend a lot of money every time he plans to buy the new iPhone. When a software issue arises like that of a phone getting stuck on the logo, it feels like all that money has gone into the drain. But do not panic, that is a common problem, and almost every iPhone user faces it at least once in six months.

For situations where your phone is stuck on the logo stage for more than 20 minutes, we have compiled a few solutions that will eradicate this issue and make your phone turn on and run smoothly.

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Let’s fix this!

This issue can be rectified by following these troubleshooting tips.

Restart your Device

Sometimes just restarting your device can solve so many problems. What sounds like a minor act can help you get rid of most of the issues including, the iPhone stuck at logo problem. Within a few seconds, the problem will be gone which took you 20 minutes to realize that your device is not moving beyond the logo.

Charge your Device

Most of the time, the phone gets stuck at the Apple logo and fails to move forward only because the battery is dead. Put your phone on charge for at least an hour, and then try restarting it again. It will not just turn on your iPhone but also make it work properly. In case this does not work, try charging your iPhone with another charger. Because sometimes the charger or its cable that you use normally could also be the reason for your phone not turning on beyond the logo stage.

Turn on the Recovery Mode

The issue of your iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo can also be sorted by putting your phone on recovery mode. This mode is a built-in solution for such operating system-related problems and will troubleshoot them effortlessly. The problem mainly arises because of the operating system, which is facing some difficulty to start up. The recovery mode will boot up the phone by stopping the iOS functioning. Later you can download a fresher version of iOS and back up your data. It is quite a tiring task and takes longer than the previous ones, but it solves the problem in most cases.

Turn DFU Mode On

DFU is a firmware update that acts as a manual override and lets you change the firmware to any version. You can use this mode as an alternative to the recovery mode. For this mode to work, you will have to connect your phone with the computer with iTunes. Then press the volume up and down button for once and the power button for 10 seconds. It will turn on the DFU mode and recover your phone from any issue.

Consult a Service Technician

What seems like a minor issue could be a technical problem. In that case, none of the above-given solutions will work, and you will have to consult an expert for this task. They will thoroughly go through your iPhone and recover whatever is becoming an obstacle in starting your device.

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