My Phone Won’t Download Apps

Quick overview:

Apps are important as they make phones more efficient and infinitely functional. They provide entertainment, information, and many other convenient services. Many revolutionary apps have influenced our lives in such a way that it seems impossible to imagine our life without them. We actually compiled a list of must-have apps, check it out here.

Unfortunately, sometimes certain glitches can keep your phone from downloading your favorite apps.

This can happen due to several reasons:

  • Incorrect Time and Date causes download error on phone.
  • Weak WiFi or Mobile data connection.
  • Cache and data.
  • Google account is in sync mode.
  • Insufficient space in the phone to download more apps.
  • The browser doesn’t have permission to download the apps.

Let’s fix this!

Clear the cache of the phone

Due to the locally stored cache, your phone may start glitching, and this may be the root of the problem. Try going to the settings > storage, and clear the cache. After clearing the cache it is highly recommended to restart your phone. Once back up, try downloading the app again.

Log back into your Google/Apple account

Sometimes, Google/Apple will log out of your account in order to protect your data. Without your google account, the play store wouldn’t work. As unlikely as it might be, check your Google/Apple account and make sure you’re logged in before trying to download any app on the phone. If you are already logged in try logging out, clearing the cache, and resetting the settings of google play services. Now log back into your account and try downloading the app.

Space issues on your phone

Apps won’t download if your phone doesn’t have enough storage space to hold them. To fix this, delete junk files, sort through the gazillion selfies to keep only a selection, and uninstall apps you no longer use. You can also try to use an SD card and format it to work with internal storage if you have a slot for SD. This will integrate the storage space of the SD card into your phone and will give you enough space to download that app, and take a gazillion more selfies.

Check your internet connectivity

Check if your phone is connected to the wifi and if the internet is working. If the phone shows the network as connected, restart your phone and try reconnecting with the network. If you are using wifi, try restarting the router. Remove the cable from the socket. Plug it back into the socket after 15 seconds. Hopefully, this will fix the internet connection problems and will allow the phone to download the app.

Fixing the date and time of the phone

Sounds odd, but phones can get a little overwhelmed too and jump to a random date setting. Check out the date & time setup and fix it if needed. You can find these settings by going into settings => date and time. Make sure the right time, date, and year are selected (If it’s currently on “Automatic”, try moving to manual and set the time properly)

Checking the permissions settings

If you are trying to download an app from a random site, chances are high that your phone’s security settings won’t allow it. Sometimes, it’s just about giving the browser permission to download the app directly. To do this, go to the apps and permission menu in your phone settings, and select the browser you are using. Check for the permissions granted to the browser and allow the “Download apps directly”.

Please do not do this unless you trust the source of the app 100%. In general, you should only install apps from the AppStore / GooglePlay, where the rules are strict and your security is protected.

Hopefully, one or more of these tips helped you solve the problem. If you still need help, feel free to ASK THE EXPERTS

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