My Phone Won’t Turn Off – How To Fix It

Quick overview:

Wondering why your phone is not turning off and what should be done to fix it? Frozen screens and stuck displays are stressful for Android and iPhone users. Not only do they drain the phone’s battery but also keep one from performing certain tasks.

This may happen due to the following reasons:

  • Dirt and moisture may accumulate inside your phone over time. This may lead the phone to register that something is being plugged. The constant plugging and unplugging may keep the phone turned on and prevent it from turning off. Is your phone not connected to any device and still showing “USB connected”?
  • An application holding the display "awake" may also prevent your cell phone from shutting down.
  • Hardware damage, if you accidentally dropped or soaked your phone.
  • Have an iPhone? if it’s not turning off, the display screen or the home button may be broken.

Let’s fix it!

If your phone refuses to turn off, here are few ways you can try to fix this issue:

Forced reboot

Long press the power button along with the volume down button to hard restart. This is useful especially when there is software malfunctioning. After turning off the phone will start on its own. You will have the option to enter either download mode by pressing Bixby and Volume down button simultaneously, or recovery mode by pressing the Bixby button along with the Volume up button.

In recovery mode, there’s an option to clear the cache. Select this option and wipe the cache partition. This will erase any corrupt file which is causing the issue. Press the power button to see if the issue is resolved.

Clean the USB port

Clean the USB port with ethyl alcohol. This will wipe off dust & fiber particles and will solve the problem of plugging- unplugging. Press the power button to turn the device off before you start.

Download Wakelock Detector

Download the Wakelock Detector app. This will help you detect if there are any background apps that are holding the screen. Wakelock’s suggestion works wonders if such an app is the issue.

Assistive Button for iOS

If you have an iPhone, an assistive button can be enabled. It works in place of the power button if the Home button gets broken, and you can turn off the phone by tapping it.

to enable the Assistive Button go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and turn the “Assistive screen” to be active.

Perform a Factory Reset

We know, everyone hates factory reset, but with new apps and simplified transfers, it’s not as bad as it used to be. This issue may arise due to the installation of bug-ridden applications and software, and a factory reset is a must to get rid of those. Before resetting the device, make sure that you have saved the backup. Check out this article about backing up your data to make sure you’re not losing anything!

Choose General Management and select the “Reset” option. Tap “Factory data reset” – this will wipe out everything including the infected software, and hopefully, resolve the issue.

If you still have issues and your phone fails to function properly, then it is probably an indication of a major error. But don’t fret – we’re here to help! Feel free to schedule a fyx with us to have a technician look at your phone, and we’ll do our best to bring it back to normal.

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