My Phone Won’t Turn On – How To Fix It

Quick overview:

Being unable to turn on your cell phone can be a nerve-wracking situation. In the present day, when our lives are heavily dependent on cell phones, unresponsive screens are one of the worst nightmares Android and iPhone users can face.

Before looking for a solution, you need to know why your cell phone won’t startup. Likely, there can be two reasons behind your unresponsive cellphone:

  • There might be some hardware issues. If your cell phone fell somewhere, it may have caused some internal damage. A hardware part of your cell phone might need a replacement or repair.
  • Another common cause is the software problem.

If you are facing a similar situation, don’t panic! Here are a few troubleshooting tips that will help you resolve this issue.

1. Charge your cellphone

A dead battery might be the reason that your phone won’t power on. Plugin your cell phone for a few minutes and see if it shows an empty battery symbol. Power it on after 20 minutes by pressing the power button. It will normally turn on if charging is the issue.

2. Change the adapter

Try to charge the phone with a different adapter. It might be possible that the problem is with your adapter and not the cell phone. There might be a fault in the adapter’s wire which is hindering your cell phone from charging up.

3. Long-Press the power button

Hard reset is effective when the operating system of a cell phone gets frozen. To reboot, press down the power button for fifteen seconds and see if the phone starts up. This is useful for iPhones and Androids with non-removable batteries.

4. Pull out and Re-insert the battery

If the battery is removable, pull it out. Wait for a few seconds before inserting it back. Press down the power button. It will fix the hard freezes.

5. Reset to factory settings

Factory reset removes all the malware detected in your cell phone. To do this you will need to reboot your phone. Press down the volume and power buttons simultaneously until the recovery mode appears. However, resorting to factory settings possesses a risk of losing all your data. Make sure you have a backup, or you can get help from a trufyx professional.

6. Reinstall the firmware

If you are unable to do the factory reset from the cell phone. You can fix this by downloading firmware on your computer and connect the phone to the computer to install. You can google the entire procedure for your specific device, or watch it on YouTube. Please be cautious before downloading any firmware from non-official sources.
If you are an iPhone user, you will need to enter DFU mode. For this purpose, plug into the laptop and access iTunes. This will restore the OS and reflash the firmware.

7. Seek help from Service Centre

If the above-mentioned tips do not rectify this problem and you are unable to fix this issue on your own, take it to a reliable service center and seek assistance from experts. The fault might be in the hardware. It would be preferable if you choose the center that works on your brand of phone.
An easier way might be to get a reliable technician to you from trufyx.

Follow these simple tips to turn on your cell phone. Undoubtedly, they will bring your phone back to life!

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