How to take a screenshot on android

Quick overview:

One of the best features of smartphones nowadays is the ability to take a screenshot. Whether you’re capturing a moment in time on the timeless internet, adding a layer of digital creativity on top of a screen/image, or simply trying to prove a point by sharing “what he said” with everybody - we need this, and we need it to work properly, fast.

At trufyx, those values are what’s moving us forward so we can totally relate. Android actually created a bunch of ways to take screenshots, so even if you already know how to use multiple buttons to do that, read on, you might be surprised to learn new techniques.

How to take a screenshot

Here are the available options how to take a screenshot on android:

Using multiple buttons

Locate your power button - usually on the right side of your phone.
Locate your volume buttons - usually on the left side of your phone, but could also be on the same side of the power button.
Press the power button + volume down button simultaneously.

Using a palm suggestion

While this option is only available for some devices, it’s definitely worth checking it: you might have the ability to set a “Swipe to capture” setting.
Go to “Settings” > “Advanced features” > “Motion and gestures”, or just search for “palm” and turn on “Palm swipe to capture.
To take a screenshot, place your palm sideways, 90 degrees to the screen, and move quickly from side to side.
You can see it demonstrated here:

Using Bixby voice

Unlike its opponent Siri, Bixby and “Hey Google” didn’t experience such hype - but both are still very helpful tools when you got your hand full, or if you’re experiencing difficulties using other options to take a screenshot on Android.
If your Bixby is set up, just say “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot” (or even push it and tell her to also post it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media of your liking.

Using the S Pen

If you’re lucky enough to have an S Pen on your Android, you could easily use it to take screenshots.
Click on the command menu on the pen, then select “Screen write”
This will automatically take a screenshot and allow you to interact with it using the S Pen. If you do not need to add anything, just save it as it is - it will do the trick.

What else can I do with Android screenshots?

  • Scroll-capture
    After taking the initial screenshot, Android allows you to keep scrolling and adding the full length of your screen to one gigantic screenshot.
    We highly recommend using this lightly - no one likes to get a blurry image with tiny details. Also, they get it on their phone which is small, to begin with, so just don’t.

    Scroll capture is great for mimicking the full experience of a page/discussion that’s too long for one screenshot, but too short for 2-3 separate images.
    We can take a hint from the way this feature was developed - when hitting “Scroll capture” the screen will scroll down about halfway, revealing just 50% more of the content.

  • View and improve
    Looking for your recently taken screenshot? Head over to the gallery, you’ll find it there - usually under a separate file called “screenshots”. Here you have access to all the regular image improving tools and features - filters, color editing, etc.

  • Add digital creativity
    Using your S Pen or just your fingers, head onto the editor (from the gallery, you guessed it) - navigate between the different options to add writing, stickers, emojis and more, to your beautiful screenshot on Android.

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