Cell phone parental control: a complete guide

You're probably not excited about giving your kids their smartphones, but it has become the need of the century. We live in a digital era, where everything is incomplete without having a smartphone. But as technology is growing, it is challenging to save your children from the nasty world of the internet without cellphone parental control.

As scary or invasive as this might sound to you, it is our duty as parents to "spy" on our kids and assure their safety. We do this for years when asking where they're going after school or about that new friend you saw on Sunday. We shouldn't feel uncomfortable asking them about what exactly they do online. In this article, you will get to know all about the effective cellphone parental control to follow so you can protect your kids and keep them safe.

The First Cellphone

Buying the first cellphone for kids is a tricky job. That little head usually has a particular model in mind, sometimes because they heard it's good, many times because they need to show friends they have it too. According to a recent survey from Common Sense Media, 53% of children have their own smartphone before turning 11. No wonder why every kid has the same wish on top of their Christmas list for years until they finally get it.

Let's start with some basic questions.

Smartphones nowadays provide so much functionality, thus, different types of risk. As a parent, you should pre-evaluate what functions you'll be comfortable with and at what age. Transparency is critical, so after you figure it out, make sure you're explaining and detailing the process and "upgrades" as they grow.

To start, there you should ask yourself a few questions:

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