Can a tech suggest changes to my request?

At trufyx, we provides services of phone and tablet repair wherever you are, whenever it suits your schedule. In some rare cases, your technician might offer a change to your fyx request. This will most likely happen if none of our available technicians have the needed parts ready, or if you spoke to the technician and they submitted a change based on your conversation.

Time changes are the most common change on the trufyx platform. It usually means the technician will need some more time to get the parts needed for your fyx. You can handle these changes on your trufyx account - accept or decline, you can also communicate with your technician about the offered changes through the chat.

  1. You’ll get an email informing you of the suggested change.
  2. Go to
  3. Under “My account” you’ll see your upcoming fyxes in a list.
  4. If any changes are pending, you’ll see a “view changes” option, instead of the usual “view details”.
    Click on “View changes”

  1. In the upcoming call screen, you’ll be able to see the suggested change clearly – our technicians usually try to keep the same timeslot for the new date suggestion:

  1. If you accept the new time – your new fyx time is confirmed and the technician will head your way at the new time.
    Feel free to communicate the changes with your technician via chat using the “message” button.
  2. If you decline the new time – your fyx request will go back to the pool of requests, and another technician will be able to accept it, or offer their own new time for completion.