How do I cancel a repair request?

At trufyx, we offer phone and tablet repair at your location. You can schedule a repair anywhere, anytime.
Cancellation is available on your trufyx account for free until 2 hours before your time-slot. This means, if your fyx is scheduled to happen between 12pm-4pm today, you’ll be able to cancel it at no cost until 10am today.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “My account” you’ll see your upcoming repairs in a list.
  3. Click on “View details” to reach the details view of your fyx.

  1. In the call details page, click on “Edit”
  1. The editing page will come up, and on the top right you’ll see 2 buttons.
    Click “Cancel this call”, and then confirm the cancellation pop-up.
  1. Your technician will be notified of the changes – they might not be able to complete your request with the new details – but no worries, we have many technicians available and one of them will be able to complete your fyx.