How do I schedule a phone repair?

At trufyx, we provides services of phone and tablet repair wherever you are, whenever it suits your schedule.
To request a phone repair (a.k.a. “fyx”) you'll need to enter the details of your device, and then when and where you'll want us to repair it:

  1. Go to
  2. On the home page, enter your ZIP code into the search box, and click “Get a quote”.
  1. If your ZIP code is within our covered areas, you’ll be redirected to the request form.
    We currently cover the 5 boroughs and Nassau county.
    In the request form, you’ll be asked to provide some more details about the service you need, starting with the device type:
  1. Then, you’ll be asked to select the make and model of your phone:
  1. And last – we need to know what service you’re looking for. Is it a broken screen, a faulty battery?
    You may select more than one service here if needed.

  1. Next up: the QUOTE! You’re almost done.
    Now, just enter your personal details: name, email, and the address where you’ll meet your tech.

  1. Then, select the date and time for your fyx.

  1. You’ll be able to add some notes if needed and enter your credit or debit card details.
    Don’t worry – we will not charge you until your fyx is complete!

  1. In order to track your fyx and be eligible for our 90-days warranty, you must have an account with In the final part of the quote, you’ll be asked to enter a password for your account, and agree to the terms & payment policy.
  2. That’s it!
    Your request is sent to our technicians and the most qualified one for your request, in terms of skills and availability – will be assigned to your fyx.
    You’ll be notified via email and texts.