What is the trufyx payment policy?

At trufyx, we provides services of phone and tablet repair wherever you are, whenever it suits your schedule.

Our payment policy is simple and transparent.

  1. We collect your payment details while booking your fyx, and place a temporary hold for the funds.
  2. Your card will not be charged until the fyx is completed.
  3. When the technician completes your fyx, they will be able to add extra services if any are needed. (for example, if you booked a fyx for your screen and ended us also replacing a battery, the technician will be able to add it for you)
  4. You’ll be charged for the total of your final services, plus local taxes.
  5. After your fyx, we’d love to get your feedback about the technician. Once submitted, you’ll also be able to add a tip. The tip will be charged as a separate charge on the same payment method.
  6. If for any reason you cancel your fyx request before it's complete - your card will not be charged at all, and by the next business day you'll no longer see the temporary hold on your card.