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Our technicians are ready to be at your door step within 3 hours.

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Flat rate pricing guaranteed, no hidden fees, and a 90-day warranty!

How trufyx was born

It all started on a sunny day that turned to sh** when a smartphone just stopped working.

Jacob, our founder & CEO, found himself going to 4(!!) different labs, waiting over 3 hours at the final destination to replace his iPhone screen.

Managing without your smartphone for even a couple of hours is almost impossible nowadays, considering we do everything on our phones. Yet, many players in the industry still handle phone repair like it's the 90s. You can live without your phone for a couple of days, right?

With his schedule derailed by the inconvenience, Jacob thought, "why can't someone just come to me and fix it?" - so we made it happen.

Stuck with a broken phone?

Get it fixed today. Like, within 3 hours of this moment.

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