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Our skilled trufyx technicians are trained to fix both iPhone and Android devices. We only use OEM replacement parts, and all repairs are backed by our 90-day warranty. Pick your service and check our handy calculator to get your set price.

Screen Replacement

A cracked screen doesn't just look bad, but it can also cause problems with the inner workings of your phone. We can fix your screen and have your phone looking brand new in no time!

Battery Replacement

As rated by manufacturers, a smartphone's battery life span is 2-3 years or 300-500 charge cycles. After that, the battery capacity will drop by at least 20%. If your phone battery is not lasting throughout the day, we can replace it.

Charging Port Replacement

If you've tried a different charging cord, wall adapter, restarted your phone, and nothing works, it's time to have Trufyx step in. We'll transform your "brick" into a working phone again.

Water Damage

Our expert technicians will make every effort possible to salvage your water-damaged phone. We have the technology to restore your data if it's beyond repair.

Mic Damage

A smartphone without a working mic is practically useless. The microphone is a delicate part of your phone but can be restored to working order by our expert technicians.

Camera Issues

Don't miss out on capturing the most important moments in life! We can diagnose and repair any camera malfunction, so you'll be capturing life's most precious moments in no time.

Faulty Speaker

If you cannot hear calls or listen to your favorite tunes anymore, then chances are your speaker has seen better days. The good news is that it's relatively easy to fix with the help of our professionals!

Data Recovery

No matter the type of phone damage, you don’t have to worry about losing your photos, videos, music, etc. Let us help you recover your most valuable data.

What should you look for when evaluating a phone repair service?

Phone repair quality

The first thing that you need to notice in a repair shop is its environment.
Make sure the shop you choose is equipped to support the latest phone repair techniques. Step out if you see someone handling the device poorly.


As technology is upgrading, phones are becoming more and more complex to repair.
Especially for the newest iPhones and Samsung phones, it takes knowledge and experience to complete a succeessful phone repair.


Every decent repair shop will ensure you can come back to them if the issues persist after the repair is done. Some of them will even give you a money-back warranty in the form of coupons or cash. If a shop does not have such policies in place, it's probably not a good sign.

Cost of phone repair

When searching for a good repair shop, consider their price quotes as well. Just like many other things in life, too cheap is a warning sign.
If the prices are much lower than other places, they might be using bad quality parts. If they refuse to provide a price range until you come in, it's also a bad sign.

Quality of parts

Even if the price you're offered is not suspiciously cheap, you should verify the source of parts.  

Ask ahead of time what parts they will be using, inspect the phone carefully after the repair is done to make sure everything functions properly.
Monitor your phone closely for another week or two.


Time is money. If you have to spend this time in a mall without a phone, waiting for the repair to be done, time might be a LOT of money.

Compare the total costs while considering the time it takes for the repair to be done and your plans on how to spend this time.

No Payment Until Service is Complete!

Schedule your phone repair now and our trufyx tech will come to you, whether you're at work, home, or the gym! Breathe easy knowing your phone is in good hands and will be good as new in 15-20 minutes, with our 90-day warranty!

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