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trufyx protection - starting at $7 a month.
Protect my device
An iPhone with a cracked screen next to a fixed one

What we cover:

Abstract art of a technological brain
Manufacturing Defects
Cracks as if from a screen.
Screen Cracks
a dropping phone
Manufacturing Defects
A water drop.
Manufacturing Defects
An iPhone 14 pro

Why trufyx protect:

  • Submit Claims 24/7
  • Available for new or used phones
  • Quarterly & Annual Price
  • Low Deductible
  • We're local and we come to you!

How does it work?

Buy & Activate

Join trufyx Protect when you order your phone or later.

Start Date

trufyx protect requires a 30-day buffer period before you can make a claim.

Make a Claim

Submit your claim anytime by logging into your trufyx account. Or email our team directly.

Terms and condition apply.

This service is now available for Smartphones and tablet owners.

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