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Join the revolution: it's time to bring phone repair to 2022 standards.
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Get paid on time

Get direct deposits and payment updates, view reports and track your income.

Set your schedule

Flexible hours means flexible life! Control your repairs and work hours in a click.

Reduce paperwork

We handle the legal stuff & appointments setup, so you don’t have to.

Infinite leads

Get local jobs, daily, or local jobs wherever you are for the day. It's that flexible.

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Join dozens of phone repair technicians working locally in your area. Be part of a growing network and help locals when they need you the most.
  • Growing company
  • 5-star on Google
  • $60 avg per repair
  • Community impact

How it works

Our customers are residents of the five boroughs of New York. Service happens wherever they are – whether it is their home, office, a local coffee shop, a store, or a small gym.

Customers submit fyx requests to trufyx, we alert the available technicians about the new fyx and the first one to grab it gets the job.
You as a tech will go to the customer’s address and perform the fyx there. Customers are given a chance to rate and tip their tech after the job is complete.
Tips to become a successful self-employed technician.

Getting paid is easy

During your signup process, you’ll be asked to enter your banking details – we use Stripe to handle all payments in and out of trufyx, and you’ll get paid directly to your bank account.

In the app, you’ll be able to easily track your earnings and incoming deposits.

Download the app

The trufyx technician app is where everything happens – this is where you’ll sign up to become a technician with trufyx, and this is where once approved, you’ll be able to accept jobs and get paid, directly to your bank account!

Our app is free and available for Apple and Android users on AppStore and Google Play.

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