How To Backup The Data From My Phone

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Cell phones have taken over our calculators, calendars, newspapers, photo albums, and books. As the demand for mobile phones is growing rapidly so too must we save all of these things in order to avoid losing them forever as you can lose your phone at any moment with a single minor glitch?

Most applications that we use in our daily lives also come equipped with backups just like photos or document files saved onto cellphones which are always potentially vulnerable if not carefully guarded against loss due to small glitches within devices themselves;

Taking early precautions proves beneficial by saving yourself from potential regrets such as data lost during accidental deletion through improper handling of device’s delicate hardware components. There are countless ways to backup your data. We have come up with the easiest and accurate solutions for iOS and Android users that will assist you in recovering your data within absolutely no time.

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iOS Backup

We’ll start with iOS devices. There are three effective ways to backup your data on devices with an Apple operating system.

Using Apple’s cloud

iCloud is a savior when it comes to backing up your data. It is a built-in pantheon of online services by Apple that allows you to save all your important data. It provides you with a space of 5GB and an opportunity to purchase more according to your requirement. You can turn it on through the settings app of your phone. It will backup the data whenever your device will find good WiFi.

Using iTunes

Backing up your device through iTunes is the easiest way. You have to connect your device with a Windows PC or Mac that has iTunes installed. Then turn on the backup from the summary page of your device. This way, you can shift your data instantly to the computer, which has enough space to store the entire phone backup.

Through Both Options Simultaneously

For a safer approach, you can put your phone on hybrid backup. Turn iCloud backup for constantly storing your data and periodically connect your phone to iTunes account and shift whatever you want to be stored and saved. It will help in keeping your data safe at three different places and also makes it easily accessible.

Android Backup

Just like iOS, backup of android devices can also be created effortlessly. Here are some popular ways;

Google Sync

DFU is a firmware update that acts as a manual override and lets you change the firmware to any version. You can use this mode as an alternative to the recovery mode. For this mode to work, you will have to connect your phone with the computer with iTunes. Then press the volume up and down button for once and the power button for 10 seconds. It will turn on the DFU mode and recover your phone from any issue.

Manufacturer Apps

What seems like a minor issue could be a technical problem. In that case, none of the above-given solutions will work, and you Some phones come with built-in apps for backing up the data to their respective clouds. For example, HTC backup, Samsung Kies, etc. They are capable of storing whatever the phone has on its ROM other than the applications.

Backup to Computer

You can also back up your data to your desktop by plugging the phone through a USB cable and shifting whatever you want to be kept safe and sound.

These were the few most sought-after solutions. There are other third-party applications for both iOS and Android devices that store your data on their clouds.

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