How to find downloads on android

Quick overview:

There’s nothing more annoying than downloading a file to your phone and having it disappear on you. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. If you're new to Android this might seem confusing, but if you're used to Windows computers, this is probably not new to you.

How to find your downloads on Android

  1. Open the “My files” app.

  2. Click on “Downloads”.

  3. View the list of recently downloaded files.
    This will include all files that are not images, and some images downloaded from web sources.
    Downloaded images might be located in a “downloads” album in the “Gallery” app.

Can’t find your downloaded images anywhere? 

This might have happened due to a local setting of a specific app. Some apps tend to fall into this trap more than others, the top one being WhatsApp by Facebook - their app updates might randomly change the location of saved downloads.

To verify that, head to the app settings and make sure the correct folder is selected.

  1. Open Whatsapp, then click on the 3 dots at the top right > and select “Settings”.

  2. In the settings screen, select “Chat”.

  3. Make sure “Media visibility” is checked - this will allow you to view recently downloaded media in your phone’s gallery and downloads tab.

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