My Phone Won’t Ring – How To Fix It

Quick overview:

Are you missing important calls because your phone won’t ring? Whether a call is work-related, or it is a family call, no one wants to miss out. Even if it’s spam, we want to decline those car warranty calls by ourselves.

Before looking into the solutions, we need to know that there are different ways to deal with android phone issues and iPhone issues.

  • If you have iPhone and it is not ringing, it may be due to incorrect sound settings. simple and easy to fix :)
  • If your android phone is not ringing it may be due to some software error or due to an update of software due.

Let’s fix it!

Here are a number of things that you can do to make your phone start ringing again.

Increase volume

Sounds silly, but first of all, increase the volume by pressing the upper volume button and check if the problem was due to low sound rather than no sound at all.

Remove Silent Mode

For a safer approach, you can put your phone on hybrid backup. Turn iCloud backup for constantly storing your data and Sometimes, we forget to turn off the Silent mode so, check whether your phone is on Silent mode, Airplane mode, Do Not Disturb mode. If it is so, then turn it off by again pressing the same button by sliding the bar down that is present on top.

Ringtone Issue

Check that whether the ringtone is selected or that section is empty. Try changing the ringtones. If you are using third-party ringtones, try switching to the default ones and vice versa.
You can change your ringtone by going to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Sound’ and then tap on ‘Phone Ringtone’

Turn off the Bluetooth

Is your phone possibly connected to a Bluetooth device? Turn off the Bluetooth from the bar at the top of your device, and try again.

Turn off Call Forwarding

You can also back up your data to your desktop by plugging the phone through a USB cable and shifting whatever you want to be kept safe and sound.

These were the few most sought-after solutions. There are other third-party applications for both iOS and Android devices that store your data on their clouds.


If nothing is working out for you then you can try restarting your phone. It can solve the problem if it is a minor error causing your device not to ring.

Factory Reset

The very last resort: if any malware is troubling the system of your phone, then it will not be treated by the above options. You have to backup all your data and then do the factory reset of your phone. Check out our detailed and easy article on how to backup your data.

Having other data issues? Feel free to ASK THE EXPERTS. We’re always here for you!

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