My Phone Won’t Update – How To Fix It

Quick overview:

Are you stuck with the old features of your phone? Updating your phone system fixes the bugs, minor errors and sometimes will surprise you with a brand new look or functionality, or even improves its working condition.
If your phone is not receiving those updates or fails to update, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it.

We should first eliminate any third-party reasons for charging issues:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Low battery
  • Storage issues of your phone.
  • No update available.

Let’s fix it!

We know how important it is

Poor Internet Connection

A poor or unstable internet connection can be one of the major causes stopping your phone from getting updated. To get your phone updated, it must be connected to a good Wi-Fi source. The update is more than 100 MBs mostly so, it should be connected to a source that does not fluctuate and provide you with a constant connection. Having Wi-Fi is better than mobile data because updates take a long time and there are heavy files to be downloaded.

Low Battery

Having a low battery can be causing a hindrance in getting your phone updated. All updates require your phone to be fully charged or connected to a charging source. It is actually there to keep your information safe. Updates take a long time, and sometimes lots of power and effort (did we hear a buzzzzzz?). To ensure your phone won’t shut down before completing the download, installation, and execution of all files, your phone must be charged.

Storage Issues

If your phone has a low storage capacity, it will prevent your phone from getting updated. Updates require free space to be downloaded completely. The error message will usually specify how much extra space is needed.
If this is the issue with your phone, try deleting some music files, videos, heavy gaming apps, the gazillion selfies you have from that one party, etc. Once their deletion created enough space, updates will be downloaded successfully.

No Updates Available

Software updates come irregularly, mostly for the maintenance of your device. If you haven’t got updates lately, maybe your phone is just up to date, or at least the manufacturer thinks so and hasn’t uploaded any update yet.
To check for updates manually, go to your phone’s Settings > About Phone. If any updates are available, they will appear there. If any update is present, you can click on it to start the update process.

Restart Your Phone

If all the update files are downloaded but failed to launch, try to restart. Restarting your phone will get the updates to be re-installed successfully and this way. This is the reason most phone/computer updates require you to restart the device.

If you still have issues and your phone fails to update despite following all the above-mentioned steps, then it is probably an indication of a major error. But don’t fret – we’re here to help! Feel free to ASK THE EXPERTS, and we’ll do our best to answer with all the details :)

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