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Repair VS Replacement:
A battle as old as days

When the technology of smartphones emerged in the market, just a few features wowed everyone. Ever since, every phone manufacturer was trying to bring on something new, helpful and exciting, yet in the price range of most consumers.

This changed drastically when new players emerged into the industry, and recently multiplied post pandemic, as the world is experiencing high shortages in all fronts.

With every rising issue you might discover on your phone or tablet, you as a consumer face two choices: to repair the device or replace it. Using this tool and details below, we hope to help you make an informed decision within minutes, tailored for your current situation.

Scroll down for some questions you should be asking yourself to help determine which way is best for you.

What is the most affordable option?

Affordability is a significant factor that influences most of our decisions in life. It is natural to consider costs first when it comes to phone repair and tablet repair. This is why we created this calculator. Having the numbers and facts laid out to you is part of our initiative to create clarity and transparency in the phone repair industry.

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How old is the phone?

In the United States the average lifetime of mobile phones is 2.8 years. This is an increase from 23 months (just under 2 years) according to studies found earlier in this century.

With more reliable phones and software becoming unique and needed for every part of our life, repairing versus getting a new one is also a question of time: Is the manufacturer about to outdate your model soon?

Apple currently provides 5 years of updates and support for old models. Samsung fluctuates between 3-5 years of updates and support, depending on the model.

If your phone is under 3 years old, in most cases it will be worth reparing it.

How long can you go without your phone?

Your work probably depends a lot on your device(s), being able to connect with friends and distant family, access to information and tools to get through life... and this is just the beginning.

If the repair will take too much time, you might consider buying a new one instead. Or getting a cheap phone to have for in-between times like this.

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If you want to get granular with your calculation, remember that you will also need to invest some time learning the features of the new phone. If you're the type who gets very used to specific tech, you might want to repair your old phone instead, even if it will take a few days to do with your insurance or provider.

This might be a good time to remind you that trufyx offers 99% of phone and tablet repair needs on the spot, at your location. This means your phone will be first in line, and we can get it repaired within 3 hours of accepting your request.

In digital times like these, your phones is an essential tool. It's no longer just an accessory to carry out with you.

Is your phone or tablet resellable?

The answer to this question is built on two parts: How old is your phone and how damaged it is. If you can sell it after this repair and buy anew one, or keep using it and sell it later on, this might be worthwhile. On the calculator above, we've added the market worth of your device, to cover all fronts and give you as much information as possible.

To the "how damaged" part, you should also add the times you have repaired it before. If your phone has undergone more than three repairs and you already spent a long time with it, it's probably time to get a new phone, because this one will not be of much value on the pre-owned market.

Do you want an upgrade?

Most of us do not change phones frequently, mostly because we are very comfortable with the settings we got going. If you are one, and are not planning to replace your phone at this time, then repair is probably your best bet, as long as the cost justifies it.

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Options for phone repair other than trufyx

The DIY style

If you are not afraid to try delicate things on your own, plus you're good with following technical instructions, you can definitely DIY your cell phone repair.
Especially now with Apple's new "Right to Repair" act, where they make original parts available for you to pick up, and step by step instructions.

Don't have an Apple phone? don't fret!
You can find many suitable kits to help you with the job at hand. Check out ifixit, Ebay and Alibaba.

TLDR - Should I do it?

Yes -
If you're technical
If you're not afraid to try new stuff
If you have prior experience or knowledge

The good old way

Almost every phone carrier in the U.S. is offering lab services. You might have to travel a little out of your area if your local branches are small store-front only, but you should usually find one within one hour drive.

In addition, phone manufacturers like Apple and Huawei do offer repairs at their support center. Those usually require you to have a warranty in place to qualify for a free or discounted service, which will not cover damages like a broken screen.
At the end of the warranty period, it might be costly to reach out to your carrier or manufacturer, but if you're facing a severe issue and prefer the manufacturer to handle it, it might be worth your while.

TLDR - Should I do it?

Yes -
If you have a close-by location
If you're still covered under warranty
If you're not afraid to tackle upgrade pushes from sales agents

Discovering local businesses

If you have a local lab close by, you can also visit their technicians to see if they can handle your phone and/or tablet repair. You can also search for a local technician servicing the area, if you can find one around you.

These repairs usually take less time than handling with insurance or example, and many of them offer repairs to be done the same day. This is a great solution for residents of congested cities, where local labs and technicians are available in close proximity.

Read more about what to check before going to a local lab for phone/table repair.

TLDR - Should I do it?

Yes -
If you have a close-by location
If you've done your research about their professionalism
If they can give you a price ahead of arrival and provide a valid ETA

The safe and sound way

If the immediate cost of a repair is your primary concern, having cell phone insurance can make all the difference. When you get your mobile insured, you are basically spreading out the payment over the year, so when it breaks you only have to put in the copay.
In case of damage, the monthly amount will compensate for the cell phone repair, and you'll end up paying pretty much the same final total. If you're the type to need phone repair at least once every 9-12 months, insurance might be your best bet.

Most insurances cover damages like broken screen, water damage, battery issues and sound problems. Many insurance companies will not cover theft or loss, so if you're worried about that, double check the small print.
In addition, check the claims limit - see if this is annual or quarterly limit, and make sure it suits your needs. A limit means you will have a specific amount of claims you can file each year, beyond that, claims will not be covered.

TLDR - Should I do it?

Yes -
If you break your device at least once every 9-12 months.
If you're ok with longer service times when a repair is needed.
If you don't need more claims that the maximum allotment.

What should you look for when evaluating a phone repair service?

Phone repair quality

The first thing that you need to notice in a repair shop is its environment.
Make sure the shop you choose is equipped to support the latest phone repair techniques. Step out if you see someone handling the device poorly.


As technology is upgrading, phones are becoming more and more complex to repair.
Especially for the newest iPhones and Samsung phones, it takes knowledge and experience to complete a succeessful phone repair.


Every decent repair shop will ensure you can come back to them if the issues persist after the repair is done. Some of them will even give you a money-back warranty in the form of coupons or cash. If a shop does not have such policies in place, it's probably not a good sign.

Cost of phone repair

When searching for a good repair shop, consider their price quotes as well. Just like many other things in life, too cheap is a warning sign.
If the prices are much lower than other places, they might be using bad quality parts. If they refuse to provide a price range until you come in, it's also a bad sign.

Quality of parts

Even if the price you're offered is not suspiciously cheap, you should verify the source of parts.  

Ask ahead of time what parts they will be using, inspect the phone carefully after the repair is done to make sure everything functions properly.
Monitor your phone closely for another week or two.


Time is money. If you have to spend this time in a mall without a phone, waiting for the repair to be done, time might be a LOT of money.

Compare the total costs while considering the time it takes for the repair to be done and your plans on how to spend this time.

When is it time to buy a new phone?

Sometimes, a replacement is inevitable. We listed below all the situations that will force you into buying a new (or refurbished) device:

If your device is no longer compatible with OS upgrades to the newest version , you might be unable to use some apps. In addition to that, the system becomes unstable and more prone to virus attacks. Refrain from using an outdated OS, and get a new phone.

Just like the OS, the applications also need constant updating, partially relying on the OS updates. Since the old equipment cannot support new versions, apps might start crashing.
This could also happen due to memory and RAM shortages.

The processor is one of the most important aspects of your phone or tablet.
If your phone is only equipped with slow processing chips, some apps might fail or freeze for lengthy periods of time. If that happens, check out this troubleshooting DIY article, and if nothing helps, get a new phone.

Like a processing chip, you cannot change or improve the camera quality. If your camera is not producing satisfying images, you probably need to get a new phone. (Hint: the best camera up to date is the Samsung Galaxy S21 camera).

If your phone or tablet isn't equipped with an SSD slot to expand your storage, there's not much you can do when you start running out of it.
Set some good practices in place to get rid of excessive images, but if you still need more memory - get a new phone, ideally one with an SSD slot this time :)

The new phone repair standard: phone repair that comes to you.

trufyx started offering on-demand on-the-spot service during the pandemic, and quickly became a hit.
A technician can be at your location within 3 hours of this moment, which is what makes the service so competitive.

Perks of getting cell phone repair at home

Besides giving you the price and comparison upfront, there are many more perks to getting phone repair to come to you:

  • Peace of mind
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce stress
  • 100% transparency
  • Stay comfy (socks optional)

How to get the most out of phone repair that comes to you?

At trufyx, it's our goal to make phone repair as productive as possible. You shouldn't interrupt your day for more than a few minutes. We all love to get the most out of every service that we pay, don't we? Here's our recommendation for a fruitful visit:

Plan ahead

When you schedule your repair, plan where and when it will happen.
Some ideas: laundromat, library, coffee shop, gym, home, office...

Give space

All your technician will need is a table and a chair. The tech can also perform your repair in their car, if needed.
Please practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.


Before and during your repair, you should be in touch with your tech to ask any questions, get updates about the progress of your repair, and provide feedback when relevant.

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