How can I edit the details of my repair?

After submitting a repair request to trufyx, you’ll get a confirmation for the time of your repair (a.k.a. "fyx") as soon as a technician is found. If you notice a mistake in your request or need to change something – you can easily do it from your trufyx account. Please do so as soon as possible to ensure all needed parts will be ready on time.

If you want to consult your tech before changing the details, feel free to contact them through the chat.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “My account” you’ll see your upcoming repairs in a list.
  3. Click on “View details” to reach the details view of your fyx.
  1. In the call details page, click on “Edit”
  1. In the new screen that will open, you’ll be able to update the service address, phone details, service details or time.
    Please note, service changed will likely impose a change in price, and the same goes for changing a device model. You’ll be able to follow those changes on the right – under the “price” section.
Edit a fyx
  1. Your technician will be notified of the changes – they might not be able to complete your request with the new details – but no worries, we have many technicians available and one of them will be able to complete your fyx.