How do I open a warranty claim?

At trufyx, we provides services of phone and tablet repair wherever you are, whenever it suits your schedule. We offer a 90-days warranty for labor, which means if a technician replaced your battery, for example, but it’s faulty again within 90 days, we will fix it for you again – for free!

You can easily open a claim on your trufyx account.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “My account” navigate to “past calls”.
  3. Click on “View details” to reach the details view of your fyx.
  1. If you’re within 90 days of your fyx, you’ll be able to see an “Open a claim” button on the top right.
    Click this button to get the claim pop-up:
  1. In the claim details – write the details of the problem you’re having with your phone.
  1. One of our support team members will reach out to better understand the issue and schedule a warranty fyx as needed.